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110% effort is more than a cliche

TeamSmiles proudly gives the extra effort necessary
to provide superb customer service. Whether it’s our
attractive “One Sport” brochures with easy to use order
forms or the unexpected level of friendly staff on-hand
for Picture Day, we strive to achieve a level of success
that reflects our respect for the players we serve.

Custom Designed Products

TeamSmiles has created a full line of personalized
Pro-Style products the players love and parents are
proud to share with family and friends.

Professionally Staffed Picture Day

The attention to detail is obvious. Team coaches are
greeted by our friendly staff. Questions are answered
and the teams are led through a process designed to
assure quality results.

Guaranteed Weather

Whatever the weather, our indoor Picture Day includes
professional equipment, backdrops and lighting to add
a little sunshine and put a smile on everyone's face!

Bonus Savings for Players

In addition to our money saving packages, TeamSmiles offers free custom designed Pro-Style "bonus" items!

Guaranteed Delivery Date

Each order is carefully packed and delivered on-time!

Fully Assembled Products

Our extra effort doesn’t end on Picture Day. TeamSmiles
is happy to deliver each order already assembled...we
even put a battery in the clock and set the time!

League Sponsorship

TeamSmiles wants to join your league...we would be
happy to discuss sponsorship and fundraising options!